Democrat Party member Faik Tunay explained the incompetence in CHP with the example of 'Erdoğan':

This week's guest of the Sert Sorular program, broadcast live on tvnet with the presentation of journalist Taha Hüseyin Karagöz, was Democratic Party Deputy Chairman Faik Tunay.

In his assessment of why they lost the election, Tunay gave examples of the incompetence in the CHP and the inadequacy of the work in the field.

“While the man is driving his ministers to the field, you cannot tell the MP who was elected for seven terms to 'step aside'.”

Stating that whoever loses the election should resign, Tunay targeted those who were elected as MPs from the CHP ranks for 4, 5, 6 and 7 terms.

. “If you don't stand, you will be unbearable.” 

said Tunay, 

“The man (Erdogan) takes his ministers and puts them in their constituencies. Hulusi Akar is the Chief of Staff of Henel, the head of our army, the Minister of National Defense... Kayseri is shown in the first place. Akar carried out the election campaign with a brochure in his hand, this is the right thing to do.”

he said. 

Journalist Karagöz 

“There are people who have been MPs in the CHP for 7 terms.”

Upon his reminder, Tunay said, 

“There are many people who have been MPs for 5-6 terms. "On the one hand, you are putting your ministers on the field, and on the other hand, you cannot tell those who have been MPs for 5 terms to 'step aside'." 


"Erdogan put all his ministers on the field by saying 'If I work, you should work too'"

Tunay emphasized Erdoğan's merit and emphasized that 181 of the 285 deputies in the previous term were changed.

“The minister says, 'I don't understand the position, I'm working and you will too. 323 deputies worked before the second round. "Even if it was 1 percent, this had an impact." 

he said.

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